Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

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Bootstrap Powered

Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. AppUI was built on top, extending it to a large degree.

Fully Responsive

The User Interface will adjust to any screen size. It will look great on mobile devices and desktops at the same time. No need to worry about the UI, just stay focused on the development.

Retina Ready

It will look crispy clear on high resolution screens and at the same time it will serve your high quality images as required.

Cross Browser Support

AppUI will play nice with all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and the latest versions of Internet Explorer (9 and up).

Fast & Lightweight

AppUI is not bloated with jQuery plugins and created to be as fast and lightweight as possible. Also, striping out the features you won’t use, it is just a matter of seconds.

Saves you time

AppUI will save you hundreds of hours of extra development. Start right away coding your functionality and watch your project come to life months sooner.

PHP & HTML Versions

You will get 2 versions, so you can choose the one that fits you best. If you don’t prefer PHP and work with other languages or frameworks such as Ruby, ASP, Python or AngularJS, the HTML version is the best fit.


AppUI comes packed with a great documentation which covers all the basics to get you familiar with template’s structure and files. It is the best way to get started.

Clean & Commented Code

The code is created with the developer in mind. It is clean, easy to follow, easy to replicate and at the same time well commented, so that you never feel lost.

Happy Customers


AppUI was built with the latest technologies, following the best practices. Of course, its code is W3C valid.

Powerful & Flexible Layout

AppUI supports multiple layouts that can be enabled just by changing a variable or a CSS class. You can use the layout you want in seconds.


AppUI comes packed with so many unique components. Carefully picked and integrated to enhance and enrich your project with great functionality.

UI Widgets

AppUI features a huge collection of UI widgets for creating awesome and fresh dashboards. You can now make your statistics and content more readable and presentable.

Flexible Sidebar

If you would like extra space for your main content, you can minimize the sidebar. It will take less space and offer a convenient fly out menu to navigate. It also features 2 color options, a dark and a light one.


Glyphicons Pro ($59)

The popular icon pack is included for use with this template. You will get 850 precisely prepared monochromatic font-based icons and symbols for free, saving you $59.

Best Seller

AppUI is one of our best seller templates with over 1000 sales! You can feel confident when purchasing a license and building your project with AppUI.



Design your own mockups or pages in minutes by using ready designed UI elements of AppUI in Photoshop!

Email Templates

Yes, you will also find responsive email templates in the package to accompany your project. Great for sending transactional or newsletter emails from your web application or website.

Testimonials from Themeforest Customers

We have been testing in depth your template. Congratulations!! It is the best admin template we have ever tasted.
Fantastic work! :)
This theme is absolutely gorgeous! Not just the look but the code as well! Very nicely done! Keep up the good work!
Thank you for this great theme. It looks like you put a lot of effort in so much detailed features.
I have been using AppUI since the launch and are satisfied with every bit of the project. Excellent work and great customer service. Thank you, 5 stars from me.
This is very likely the best template on themeforest. You have done really good work.

I have purchased both this and the previous UI, ProUI, for an internal project I'm working on and I couldn't be happier. I was already pleased with ProUI, and since I had done a lot of customization I had come back to see what they may have updated and when I found their new product, AppUI I was thrilled.

The HTML and PHP versions are wonderful. If you're building a php app this WILL save you time. Everything is well-written, well-documented and well-coded.

I would recommend you check both out (ProUI and AppUI). I decided to purchase both and implement them for different things, however independently you'll have everything you need with each. Each one is very detailed and comes with several ready-made pages. Really, really good buy and no surprise this is trending. Very very happy with both my purchases.

Note: I am in now way associated with pixelcave. I am a long-term developer of 15 years and I simply appreciate a job well done, especially when it saves me time. Well done guys.

Really nice, thank you for creating this theme, it is calm, stylish and definitely not boring! The additional PHP files are a godsend! Keep up the good work!
This is an awesome purchase, so glad I made it!
I purchased your theme, and really like it. Nicely structured and clearly commented.

Would you like to read more? You can find them at AppUI page on Themeforest.

30+ Ready Designed Pages

You will get over 30 ready to use pages. All of them awesome and fresh, already created to make your life easier. The UI is ready and awaits for you to create the functionality.

7 Awesome Color Themes

AppUI features 7 carefully chosen and integrated color themes to choose from. Pick the one that fits your project best or easily create a new one if you feel like it.

1400+ Font Based Icons

With so many unique icons included in AppUI, you don’t have to worry about running out. Let’s not talk about possible color and size variations.


By purchasing a license of AppUI, you are eligible to email support. Should you get stuck somewhere or come across any issue, don’t worry because we are here to provide assistance.

Crafted With Love

We love what we do. We pay extra attention to small details and always try delivering the best we can with each project. Our goal is to create a great product for you, that will make your life easier.

Discover AppUI

We encourage you to have a good look at the live preview of the template, discover what it has to offer for your project and decide for yourself!


Crafted with love by pixelcave