What we crafted in 2018 and what lies ahead

John Champ on Jan 23, 2019 · 3 min read

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Last year was a very special year for us. We released new projects, updated older ones, provided support to hundreds of people and published many free templates for our newsletter subscribers.

It was also the year in which we've decided to leave the comfort of our home and travel the world! The plan got into motion around June and now we are already on the move, exploring South East Asia since the past few weeks.

We will be visiting many countries for a few months, working at the same time as usual. We'll keep you posted about our whereabouts on Twitter, so feel free to drop us a line if you would like to say hi. We are eager to meet new people and exchange ideas.

We will also try to share our experiences with you from working while travelling as well as information regarding the co-working places which we will visit. We are very excited but let's slow down for now and check out the progress we've made in 2018.


Its release was one of the highlights of 2018! It's our first big project written in ES6 and features webpack support along with tons of automations to help you start building out of the box.

Since its release, five updates were created, adding many new features, pages and updates to existing libraries. It is also our first template ever with Laravel support featuring a Starter Kit for your Laravel based projects. We are currently working on its 2.0 update which will include many more examples and integrations to help you build all kind of projects.


Its sales continue strong since it recently reached its 1000th sale, so thank you very much for your support, it is very much appreciated! Four new updates were released last year with 2 of them being major ones (2.0 and 3.0).

In the latest, Laravel support was introduced and its custom JavaScript was rewritten in ES6 syntax following the road Dashmix took. We are very happy with how it turned out and we look forward to creating new updates in the future.


One of our most popular and best-selling templates, received a Remastered (4.0) update. It is basically a full rewrite of the template which features Bootstrap 4, ES6 and Laravel support as well, following the design approach you know and love.

We wanted to thank you for your continued support, so we've decided to offer it as a free update to all of our existing OneUI customers. Stay tuned for its 4.1 update which we are currently working on. It will feature more pages from 3.x version which are not included at the moment and the latest libraries updates.


A very important milestone for us was building and releasing the first version of our new website. Firstly, we wanted to be able to easily share articles, freebies and products, and secondly to have a solid base platform on which we can build on.

We've decided to go with Laravel and built a custom solution which might offer basic features at its current state, but we feel that it's a great start that will enable us to build future features much more efficiently and fast.


We continued strong by releasing 120 new and unique photos which are available to download for free. What's amazing, is that over 400.000 photos have already been downloaded! This is a great motivation for us, so get ready for many more free photos for your commercial/free projects each month in 2019 as well!


Over 15 freebies (templates and other) were released in 2018 including those created exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. We really love creating and sharing free projects, so we will continue creating even more in the future. Many won't become publicly available anytime soon, so if you would like to get all of them, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven't already).

2019 and beyond...

We look forward into an amazing year of working and travelling! Also, we've got some plans about a new project which most probably will have its own domain, so stay tuned, we will share more info in the near future.

Thank you so much for your continued support, we wish you much success with your existing and upcoming projects!

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