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I first discovered pixelcave back in 2015 and since then I’ve used the uPanel, Codebase and Dashmix themes.

I remember looking for hours upon hours for a high quality theme to use in an admin back-end and eventually stumbled upon Codebase. I’m glad I did because while I’m a software developer I’m not a hardcore designer but I do know enough about design to get stuff done. I really enjoyed using Codebase because it felt like I finally found a theme where someone cared enough to write high quality code while creating a visually pleasant and consistent UI.

Here we are 4+ years later and John is still pushing out free updates to Codebase. He was also super quick to answer a few support questions that I’ve had over the years and even helped fix a CSS issue I couldn’t get around while implementing a custom checkout page. Within a few days he supplied me a fully working HTML file that I could drop into my app.

I’m also happy to see they are working on a kit for Tailwind CSS because Tailwind is something I’ve been using lately. I haven’t purchased it yet but the next time I’m ready to create a new app I’ll definitely give it a look. Pixelcave’s themes are always first in line when I recommend theme choices to my clients and friends because you get high quality work with a good track record of updates and support. I haven’t heard anyone complain about them yet.

One of my client’s is using Dashmix to help power their business’ CRM. They’re an 8 figure business. Needless to say the $28 or whatever it cost at the time was a worthy investment.

Nick Janetakis photo
Nick Janetakis

Full Stack Developer and Teacher

I’ve been using pixelcave themes for years, for quick prototypes and even sometimes for production work. The code is consistently high-quality and pleasant to work with, and the design is attractive enough to be production ready out of the box. I love how quickly I can snap together a front-end with Codebase or Tailkit, so I can spend more of my time solving interesting problems in my app.

Michael Rog photo
Michael Rog

Founder and Lead Developer

Pixelcave creates some of the most complete and thorough design templates I have worked with. Their documentation makes working with their templates extremely easy and frustration free, but even better than their documentation is their customer service. Hands down the best customer support!

Chris Sonnier photo
Chris Sonnier

Full Stack Developer

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Promo hero image showcasing various dashboard UI designs by pixelcave