Staying home because of COVID-19? Here are some tips

John Champ on Mar 24, 2020 · 4 min read

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We are experiencing a global crisis like never before and it seems that this is just the beginning. Most of human activities have been set to a pause state with people encouraged to stay at home to help fight back the pandemic. It's our best bet for the time being.

Staying at home is not as easy as it sounds and even though most people should be able to handle it just fine at first, it may get harder after a while. When we started working from home seven years ago, we had to deal with many difficult situations which took us a while to handle.

The key point and the one that helped us the most is to have a schedule that you and other people living in the house will follow for the most part throughout each day. Having specific things to do gives you purpose and fulfilment. You could set your schedule at the beginning of each week. It does not have to be very strict but it's vital to act as a guide you can follow throughout the day.

1. Setting a main task is very important

This is maybe the most important aspect because it will act as your job substitute. If you don't already work from home or there isn't an option for working remotely in your current job, then you will have to come up with a project which can keep you occupied for at least 5 to 7 hours each day.

You could see that as a great opportunity to start the project you've always wanted. This might be a home or an online based one. Online education is also a great option since there are so many free or paid courses you could take on. Learning can be so fulfilling, assist you mentally and help sharpen your skills.

Whatever task you choose to do, make sure that you will love spending time working on it every day. It will act as your main job and you will be able to spend your day far more creative and productive. Try waking up at a comfortable for you time in the morning and don't stay in your pyjamas when you start working on your task.

2. Work on your main task from a dedicated space

If it's possible and there is space in your house, it would be great to work from a room dedicated to your task and isolate from other people. This can help your mind focus on your work.

Moreover, if other people in the house apply something similar in their daily routine, then it can ultimately help you all cope with living together much better especially if you aren't used to a similar situation before.

3. Stay physically active and help your body

Now more than ever, it's important to start exercising. Even if you didn't before, it is crucial to keep you healthy, both mentally and physically. Add it to your schedule and try to follow it as much as possible. Ask for other people in the house to join you if they want, together it will be much easier to motivate yourselves. Start with baby steps and keep going as you see fit.

Wherever and whenever is possible and allowed, go out for a walk taking all necessary precautions. Breathe fresh air and let sunlight help your body produce that vital, mood booster, vitamin D. Be sure to open the windows and let your house breath every day, too, fresh clean air is vital.

4. Do things you love for fun

Add a couple of hours (...and a bit more?) every day to your schedule and do the things that you love, things that entertain you, things that can help you relax your mind. Movies, TV shows, YouTube, books, video games, board games, music, socializing and whatever works for you are perfect choices.

Few hours each day are great because it will enable you enjoy these activities to the fullest. Alongside your main task, it will help you keep a balance throughout the day. Having too much of something becomes overwhelming and boring before you even know it, so try to find the sweet spot for you.

5. Spend time with your family

It's the perfect time to spend time with your loved ones! Talk to each other, exercise, create, play, share experiences together or do what you love to do at home.

Things will be (hopefully) normal again soon and most people will get back to their daily routines where there is no time available. Now, you have the time and the chance to bond together, help each other get through this bad situation and become stronger than ever.

Let's stay home and assist the people working day and night at the hospitals and those who keep vital products and services available, by not spreading the virus. Stay safe and strong.

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